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Who Are We?

CustomChatbot.pro comprises a team of expert artificial intelligence and software developers with many years of experience in the development industry. Our parent company, Idea Maker, has been operational since 2016, and has served well over 40 satisfied clients with exceptional software solutions. With this proven track record of success, you can trust our AI chatbots to bring quality to your business.

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Why We Were Founded

Firmly believing in the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its capacity to elevate businesses, CustomChatbots.pro was founded with the purpose of making AI chatbots accessible to companies of all sizes. As a result, we are dedicated to implementing high-quality artificial intelligence solutions into your business, whether it be a startup or a large enterprise.

Why Choose Us?

Our AI Chatbot Development Process

Having a clearly defined standard development process that we follow makes our AI chatbot integrations smooth and transparent. Here’s a brief overview of our AI chatbot development process.

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Discuss Your Requirements

Like any development project, we start by discussing your requirements and writing a detailed project spec, outlining your needs and required features. In addition to addressing your requirements and expectations, you will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the development process. This will ultimately help facilitate a smooth development and prevent any unnecessary challenges. As failing to create a detailed project spec could lead to missed features later down the road, we are committed to working closely with you to make sure this stage is completed thoroughly.

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Build Chatbot Backend

After understanding your requirements and chatbot use cases, we set to work building your chatbot’s backend. This involves setting up secure databases and server-side cloud infrastructure, as well as preparing the most appropriate AI model, such as GPT-4. We also take extra precautions to ensure that your chatbot’s backend is watertight and highly resistant to any malicious attacks. We do this with two-factor authentication, encrypted access tokens, and anonymized data.

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Train Chatbot for Your Purposes

Now that we have the foundations of your AI chatbot in place, we begin the process of training it for your purposes. For example, if we’re creating a customer service chatbot, we will feed it information about your business and online product line, as well as how you want it to handle certain customer queries. This stage requires a lot of fine-tuning and data processing to ensure the chatbot works as intended. However, thanks to the nature of large language models, knowledge gaps can be filled with useful responses grabbed from the internet or templates determined by you.

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Add UI and Implement

Once your AI-powered chatbot is trained, we then build a user-friendly user interface that makes interacting with your chatbot easy. After, we integrate your chatbot into your website or software and connect it with the necessary databases and cloud networks. At this stage, we will also test your chatbot to verify that it functions correctly within your website or software without adversely impacting surrounding features.

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After implementation, we work to maintain your AI chatbot so that it can continuously provide useful information and functionality to users. Depending on its intended use, we may also further refine its training data to give more accurate responses.

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