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Implement an AI-powered chatbot into your website or software and elevate your user experience.

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General AI Chatbot Capabilities

General AI chatbots offer a broad range of capabilities, suited to many different applications. Here are just a few ways general chatbots can be used.
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Customer Service

By training AI chatbots on information about your eCommerce business and store products, they can function as human-like customer service agents. However, unlike human customer service agents, AI chatbots need no rest, meaning you can provide your customers with 24/7 support.

Human-Like Conversation

AI chatbots are trained on large datasets of human conversation, writing, and messages which enable them to accurately mimic human communication. As a result, AI chatbots offer a human-like experience with an understanding of context. This means you can have comprehensible, ongoing conversations with chatbots, just like with a friend.

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Text Generation

Artificial intelligence chatbots are based on generative AI models, meaning they are capable of generating outputs in real-time–specifically text. You can use AI chatbots to generate small or large amounts of text–depending on token availability–for purposes ranging from information summarization to content writing.

Advanced Site Search

General AI chatbots can be trained on your website information, product line, or content catalog to provide an advanced site search experience to visitors. For example, if a visitor is looking for a very specific food recipe on a cooking site, but can’t remember the name of the dish, they could describe it to the AI chatbot and have it return the most likely results.

Why Implement a General AI Chatbot?

The capabilities of chatbots alone are enough reason to implement one into your project, but if you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons to consider.

Improve UX

A general AI chatbot serves to improve the overall user experience (UX) of your website or software by offering users a unique and convenient way to navigate the application. What’s more, that’s to the ability to answer questions in real-time, AI chatbots also improve customer support options, bettering the overall user experience.

Increase Conversions

Sometimes all customers need to finalize their purchase is a little nudge, reminding them of the benefits of the product or that the current price deal is about to run out–this nudge can come from an AI chatbot. You can even train AI chatbots to generate and offer one-time checkout discounts to customers that it identifies as likely to abandon cart.

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Beat Competition

Artificial intelligence is being widely implemented across digital products, meaning your competition is probably planning on using it too if they haven’t already. Implementing a high-functioning, hardened AI chatbot from means you can stay ahead of competition.

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What Businesses Could Benefit from a General AI Chatbot?

General AI chatbots provide benefits to all types of businesses, but there are some areas in which chatbots particularly excel.

Online Sellers

AI chatbot benefits are felt strongly in eCommerce businesses due to the customer service and conversion optimization opportunities they provide. Artificial intelligence allows online sellers to capture and retain customers for longer than they otherwise would, thanks to the improved user experience AI chatbots facilitate.

Customer-Facing Businesses

Any digital business that is customer-facing can benefit from AI chatbots thanks to their customer service capabilities. For example, AI chatbots can answer customer questions, help them navigate the site or software, and connect them with human support agents.

Data-Driven Enterprises

AI chatbots can be used to process and analyze data, and return interpretations, easing the decision-making process. As a result, AI chatbots are perfect for data-driven enterprises and can be implemented directly into internal software systems or intranets.

Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites that contain a large catalog of articles and images serve to benefit from AI chatbots due to their advanced search capabilities. For example, a visitor can search for a specific article based on broad concepts and themes described to the chatbot.

Our AI Chatbot Development Process

Having a clearly defined standard development process that we follow makes our AI chatbot integrations smooth and transparent. Here’s a brief overview of our AI chatbot development process.

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Discuss Your Requirements

Like any development project, we start by discussing your requirements and writing a detailed project spec, outlining your needs and required features. In addition to addressing your requirements and expectations, you will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the development process. This will ultimately help facilitate a smooth development and prevent any unnecessary challenges. As failing to create a detailed project spec could lead to missed features later down the road, we are committed to working closely with you to make sure this stage is completed thoroughly.

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Build Chatbot Backend

After understanding your requirements and chatbot use cases, we set to work building your chatbot’s backend. This involves setting up secure databases and server-side cloud infrastructure, as well as preparing the most appropriate AI model, such as GPT-4. We also take extra precautions to ensure that your chatbot’s backend is watertight and highly resistant to any malicious attacks. We do this with two-factor authentication, encrypted access tokens, and anonymized data.

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Train Chatbot for Your Purposes

Now that we have the foundations of your AI chatbot in place, we begin the process of training it for your purposes. For example, if we’re creating a customer service chatbot, we will feed it information about your business and online product line, as well as how you want it to handle certain customer queries. This stage requires a lot of fine-tuning and data processing to ensure the chatbot works as intended. However, thanks to the nature of large language models, knowledge gaps can be filled with useful responses grabbed from the internet or templates determined by you.

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Add UI and Implement

Once your AI-powered chatbot is trained, we then build a user-friendly user interface that makes interacting with your chatbot easy. After, we integrate your chatbot into your website or software and connect it with the necessary databases and cloud networks. At this stage, we will also test your chatbot to verify that it functions correctly within your website or software without adversely impacting surrounding features.

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After implementation, we work to maintain your AI chatbot so that it can continuously provide useful information and functionality to users. Depending on its intended use, we may also further refine its training data to give more accurate responses.

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